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Sep 26 2003

Bike Madness

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Well, I’ve been thinking about it for a while now… several years infact… but I’m now finally in the process of getting a motorbike and license. I’ll be taking my CBT on the first weekend in November.

The bike I’ve been looking at getting is the Suzuki GSXR750F. It is a 1988 model which was re-built in 1999. It seems in sound condition, and at £1000 seems good value. Having said that, I’ve yet to get a helmet, jacket, insurance, tax, etc., etc.

If you’d like to have a better look at what this type of bike looks like, then you should head over to You may also want to take a look at the 2004 GSXR750 whilst you’re there as it looks like a bit of a beast.

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Sep 12 2003

Win Win WIN!!!!

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How about this for an offer.. for every item which you purchase from Shop [dot] GrinGod [dot] com, you will be entered into a free lottery to win a photograph which has been?
taken, developed and printed by me.

So what are the rules for this draw?

  1. I cannot enter the draw.
  2. Anyone can enter, any number of times (one entry for every item purchased).
  3. The draw will continue until all my photographs have gone.
  4. I reserve the right to not send out my favourite photographs
  5. The photograph winners receive will be chosen at random
  6. The quality of the photograph will also be random (I printed them).
  7. I am not responsible for any photographs lost in the post

So how do you enter? Simple. Just purchase an item from Shop?
[dot] GrinGod [dot] com
. Once you have completed your order, send an email to Aidy [at] GrinGod [dot] com with your customer name from cafepress so I can verify your order. You will be?
notified by email if you are a winner.

How are the winners selected? I have a very simple PHP script that spits out WINNER or LOSER at random. For each?
item you have purchased I will run the script. For each time the script spits out WINNER, you get a photograph.?

So what are you waiting for, get over to Shop [dot] GrinGod?
[dot] com
and start buying your heart out.

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Sep 12 2003

Software upgrade!

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I’ve just done an upgrade to the Todo software behind todo [dot] GrinGod [dot] com. New all users can view all todo items, but they can only edit or deletye items which they have added.

I will be doing another fix on it soon so that users that have been assigned a task can edit that task but not delete it. Watch this space to see what happens next.

As for a downloadable version? Yes it will happen!!! I would like, however to get some documentation sorted first.

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Sep 09 2003

Mupets, they’re all MUPETS!

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Today I’m having a bit of a rant. So picture the scene…. I’ve taken two films into Guernsey Photographics to?
have them developed. I ask for both to be Matt finish, with white borders and put onto CD please.

This lunch time I cycled into town (I’m trying to get fit) to collect my photos. To my dismay, how many CDs do I?
receive? Not two but ONE?!?!?! with all the photos put on it from both films!!!!

Why in gods name would I want the photos from both films on one CD??? Oh yes, maybe if they were both my films?
which I had taken at the same time. But what if they were photos from two seperate holidays? What if a co-worker?
of mine had asked me to drop his film in when I dropped mine in? What if I wanted to send one CD to a friend in?
England and the other to my friend in Australia?

Their response to this was…. wait for it….. “You should specify that you want seperate CDs when you?
bring the films in.
” WHAT?!?!?!? Why? How can a company possibly be so arogant as to think they know more about?
what I want than I do?

You’ll be please to know, however, that the best part is yet to come….

The (and I assume of is) floor manager said they would send the negatives away again with a note explaining?
the situation and they would see what could be done. But I may have to pay for the pictures to be put onto CD!!!! At?
which point I almost throttled they guy. Why in gods name should I pay for a mistake which wasn’t may fault?!?!?!? ?
So come Thursday (yes I have to wait ANOTHER two days) I shall see what they have managed to do about it.

And now I hope you see why I beleive that the people in Guernsey Photographics are muppets. They really need to?
learn how to be professional. And, when the customer is me, the customer is ALWAYS right (mostly).

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Sep 03 2003

Shopping Reminders

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Seeing as how most of
you either didn’t know, or have forgetten, I have an online shop at which you can buy original GrinGod [dot] com products.

It may seem like a rather odd thing to buy, but let me tell you, when I am rich and famous, and GrinGod [dot] com is pulling in more hits than Amazon, you can say that you were there at the beginning and you’ll even have the original merchandise to prove it.

So what are you waiting for, get over to Shop [dot] GrinGod [dot] com and start buying your heart out.

All proceds go directly to Aidy [at] GrinGod [dot] com

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