Oct 10 2003

BargainHost Monitor Software – New Release

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Since I had so much fun writing the BH Monitor software. And having had the recognition of Phrixus for it, I have now written a new version of the software.

This latest?
version adds a System Tray icon to the software, the window is resizeable, minimising the window hides it, the window?
can also be hidden and shown from the system tray icon. When hidden, the software does not send requests to the?
BargainHost server.

The latest version of BargainHostMonitor (1.1.0) is available here. Future imrovements to be added into BargainHostMonitor are (not in order):

  • User defined refresh time.
  • User defined server (not reliant on BargainHost status page)
  • User defined port checking (not limited to BargainHost status page)

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