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Nov 28 2003

A Song Less Liked

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Call me fickle, but after having been my favourite song for three days I afraid to say I have lost favour with Gary?
Jule’s rendition of Mad World (originally by Tears For Fears).

So what could possibly cause this change? Well, I managed to put up with it being played non-stop on BBC Radio?
1. But what really took the biscuit and pushed it beyond commercialism is that I hear it being played in… a?

How could anyone do such an evil thing to such a great song. I’m sorry to say this but hearing that song now?
brings tears to my eyes. Not because of the song itself, but because some supermarket manager had the nerve to kill?
it. Maybe the fault lies with Radio 1, maybe Donnie Darko is to blame for being such a great film. What ever the?
reason, I can no longer listen to that song and like it for what it realy is.

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Nov 25 2003

A Song More Powerful

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I now this is gonna sound like I’m a sucker for commercial music but this is a different song. Radio 1 has been?
plugging this song for a while, but it really is an underground song. Its from the soundtrack to Donnie Darko, and?
dark and powerfull, must see, cult film.

The song I’m talking about is Mad World by Gary Jules and it really is one of a kind.

If you can’t find where to buy it then *cough* Gnutella *cough* it and see for yourself. If you?
still think I’m a commercial sucker why not try Gnutella-ing my collection… if you can find them!

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Nov 24 2003

I now have a suffix

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Thats right, I’m now Adrian Ritchie BSc Hons. I finally graduated last Wednesday (19th November 2003) with a 2:1 degree in Computer Science. Has life changed for me now? Not really, appart from loads of people asking me how the graduation went. In case you were thinking of asking, let me just say that it all went as planned. I got my certificate, I did have to wear one of those gowns and hats, I did have my photo taken (keep any eye on my gallery), I did meet all my friends from uni, and I do a lot of travelling around, and yes I did have a good time.

As for other news, I was a little bit miffed when I got home as my bike had got blown over whilst I was away (I now know it takes two people to lift it up again) and if that wasn’t enough I found out this morning that one of the bar ends has snapped off, and the clutch lever of bent, so that more money to be spent on my bike… not to worry though as I have just been paid :-)

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Nov 04 2003

Back on the rat run

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It would appear that I am now back on the rat run. Today was the first day that I rode into work on my bike. I? would have riden to work yesterday but I had a minor problem of trying to start the bike but flooding the engine and? gumming up the spark plugs.

Any way, I’ve got the bike running again and rode into work today. I gotta go now though as I’ve got a client to go? visit now… and guess how I’m getting there ;-)

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Nov 03 2003

The insanity of driving

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Whilst living in Guernsey you are never far from someone that is complaining about the state of the roads in Guernsey. Either they’re complaining about the intolerable surface condition, or they’re complaining about the number of closed roads around the island.

The question I often ask, though, is are these complaints justified? Is there really a very high level of road closures in Guernsey?

And today I think I may just have found the answers to these questions. I website has been launched by the States of Guernsey to allow islanders to keep an eye on road closures. The site is viewable at Iris [dot] Gov [dot] Gg.

Whilst browsing the road closures I decided to view the total road closures for the year of 2003 and here is what I found:

This picture is a map of the roads of Guernsey. All the red lines are closed roads, the blue lines are temporary one way roads, the green lines are temporary traffic lights, the yellow lines are diversions and the grey lines are other temporary traffic alterations. Anyother line, if you can find any, are roads which will/have not been closed during 2003.

So, is there a high level of road closures on the island? I leave that decision up to you, I certainly know what I think.

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