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Dec 30 2003

Merry Christmas and a Military New Year

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Well, hasn’t this been a fun year and all that? What with me finishing Univeristy (I still can’t beleive it), the Bush regime taking full advantage of their fear provoking policies to war an unjust war on an unjust dictator and England winning the rugby world cup. The year seems to have just flown past.

The closing of the year, though, only starts more questions. Whats happening to the “none combatants” held in Guantanamo? Will G. W. Bush ever be brought down a rung or two? Will Beagle 2 ever broadcast Blur from the surface of Mars?

I’m sure that this next year will simply fly past and the same questions will remain, although possibly the Beagle 2 question will be resolved.

One interesting event (or several to be exact) has captured my attention. I have noticed that the US Military is beginning to keep an eye on my website. I got my first .mil hit in September 2003 and since then they have been regular visitors. The hit counts from .mil domains for November and December were:

  • 24 – December
  • 15 – November

As a result of this interest by the Military in my website I have decided that I should log the IP address and resolved names of the visitors. Please note that only addresses which resolve as .mil addresses will be logged, and no times of access will be logged. The results of this will be posted on this site, so keep your eyes open.

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Dec 15 2003

Dictator Detained

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It seems to be common knowledge that Saddam Hussein has been arrested by the American Forces in Iraq. (Eye rack for the Americans among you). What I would like to know is how he is to be tried and prosecuted? Surely if he is a Prisoner of War he should stand before an independent tribuneral? How just can a group of people be at judging their own ruthless dictator? Or how fair could and American trial be? *cough* Guantanamo *cough*.

I would like for the trial to be held in one of the countries that was not involved in this latest Gulf War, and not in one of the countries that strongly opposed the war. I’m sure that President Bush recently said that any new European Forces coallition should not be used to undermine the UN? Whats the chances of him consulting the UN as to the fate of Saddam Hussein? I didn’t think so!

In fact, hasn’t President Bush, together with Tony Blair, done major damage to the credability of the UN by going ahead and blasting their way into Iraq? Was that just and fair? Will G. W. Bush ever listen to the UN again?

President Bush has to be stopped! I’m not anti-American. I have good friends living in America. I am anti-Bush-Dictatorship, as thats what it is now!

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Dec 11 2003

George is Born

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I’ve been talking about doing this since Easter ’03 but now I’ve finally got around to it. I have created my own propgramming language. Its based on the BrainF**k language which was originally devised by Urban M?ller, whose goal was apparently to create a Turing-complete language for which he could write the smallest compiler ever, for the Amiga OS 2.0. (for more on BrainF**k see The BrainF**K Programming Language or ).

George is similar in many ways to BrainF**k, however it add on it in several ways, firstly it contains comment structure to allow easy identification of comments. It also adds an if/else control structure as well as a loop structure.

I will be adding a site for George as soon as I have time, but currently I only have a subset of the George statements implemented.

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Dec 09 2003

First Time For Everything

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I had my first accident on my bike yesterday evening. I was leaving work to go to client in town (you need local? knowledge here). Well, I’ve never liked turning right out of my work, don’t ask me why as before now I’ve had no? reason. So, I was just leaving work. The road was clear in both directions and so I accelerated, cautiously at first,? of the pavement, and just as I hit the centre of the road my bike just span out from under me.

I’m not sure exactly what happened. I don’t know if it was me accelerating too hard (first gear is vicious on? my bike) or if I hit some oil or a damp patch. All I know is that I was turning the corner then my bike was reving up? beneath me, then I was lying in the road.

Luckily I only had a grazed knee and a grazed ankle. No other vehicles were involved, but shortly after I came off? there was traffic backed up in either direction.

Despite the fact that I was lying in the road, not a single driver bothered to get out of their car to assist? me. In my shocked state, and not knowing how badly I was injured, I had to lift my bike and try to get it onto the? pavement.

One old gentleman did pull over and stayed with me whilst I check myself for injuries and checked my bike, so I? do thank him for his concern, but nobody else seemed to bat an eye-lid. I realise that it is a busy section of road? but when there is a bike lying in the road infront of your car surely you can, at the least, help to move the bike? out of the way.

So now I know what it feels like to come off my bike maybe it will help improve my riding abilities. Only time? will tell.

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Dec 08 2003

Terms & Conditions.

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As an update to my previous message, I thought I’d post the following extract from the Cable & Wireless, Guernsey, terms and conditions of service:

Violations of system or network security are prohibited, and may result in criminal and civil liability. Cable & Wireless Guernsey will investigate incidents involving such violations and will involve and will co-operate with law enforcement if a criminal violation is suspected. Examples of system or network security violations include, without limitation, the following:

5.1. ‘Probing’
Unauthorised access to or use of data, systems or networks, including any attempt to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of a system or network or to breach security or authentication measures without express authorisation of the owner of the system or network.

5.2. ‘Sniffing’
Unauthorised monitoring of data or traffic on any network or system without express authorisation of the owner of the system or network.

5.3. ‘Denial of Service’
Interference with service to any user, host or network including, without limitation, mail bombing, flooding, deliberate attempts to overload a system and broadcast attacks.

5.4. ‘Spoofing’
The forging of, TCP-IP packet header information, or any part of the header information in an email or a newsgroup posting.

5.5. ‘Complaints’
If approached with complaints relating to any of the above violations, Cable & Wireless Guernsey will co-operate and assist the Police and law enforcing bodies with their investigations in order to bring such misuse and violations to an end.

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Dec 08 2003


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I may be wrong, but if you are the victim of a Denial of Service attack from a user who is on the same ISP as you, your obvious first port of call should be your ISP. Not according to Cable & Wireless, Guernsey. Well, come 1pm last Friday I became aware of a SMURF attack originating from IP Address which (follwing a not too difficult PING) was found to be a Cable and Wireless broadband user in Guernsey.Upon contacting Cable and Wireless we were informed that they could only do anything about this attack if you could prove exactly what time (down to the second) the attacks were occuring. Well, let me put it this way, they have been happing for the last hour (from our router logs) and they still happening now!

So what did Cable & Wireless do? Nothing!!!

Any way to cut a long story short, and believe me it is a very long story, we finally installed a new router at our end which was better at blocking the SMURF attacks, thats was at about 7pm, with the attacks still coming in thick and fast from and that seemed to hold it off.

We’re still waiting for Cable & Wireless to do anything. Despite the fact that the attack is against the law in guernsey. And despite the fact that we have documented evidence of the attack. And despite the fact the Cable & Wireless have acknowledge the fact that the source of the attack was from one of their users.

The only conclusion that I can come to about this whole fiasco is the Cable and Wireless, Guernsey, and a monumentally dumb group of IT no-hopers who know the first thing about internet security.

But then maybe thats a good thing ;)

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Dec 04 2003

If all else fails, blame the hackers.

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Now, I’m not really one to get into political debate, and I have been trying to keep this site as pro-hacker-less? as possible, but when the [US] government starts blaming hackers for their inadequacies I really feel that I have to? say something.

I was reading this ? articleand couldn’t help but spot the stupidity of the whole thing. It seems to me (from only as brief read)? that the whole article tends towards changing the way that people use the internet, rather than changing the way the? that the internet is put together.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but if you put temptation infront of a human and tell them not to go near it…? well, go figure. The result is the whole Eve eating the forbidden fruit scenario.

Surely if you don’t want someone do to something you simply remove all possible access to it. The clasic? example from this article is the theory that hackers could have played a part in the American blackouts. How? Why were? power control computers allowed within a hundred miles of the internet? If its possible to bridge the gap between the? internet and a mission critical computer then surely the only sensible thing to do is increase the gap. Don’t wait? until something goes wrong and then point the finger at someone else, as thats the American way of doing things and,? quite franky, it sucks.

SO what are people planning to do about the failings of the network architects? Probably nothing short of a? pre-emtive strike at the freedom of the masses. My god, Americans really are dumb.

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Dec 02 2003

I Just Stumbled Upon

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Don’t ask me how, but I was looking around the net and I came across the website stumbleupon [dot] com which is basicaly a random webpage picker. You instal a toolbar into IE,?
Netscape or Mozilla and then “teach” it what sort of webpages you like.

After I had been through the teaching process, the first webpage the stumbler picked for me was TouchGraph [dot]com and quite frankly, its amazing. Predicatably the first?
thing I did was a google browser map of gringod [dot] com. This site on its own is?
well worth a look, purely for the fact you could easily blow off a couple of hours.

First impressions of the Stumbleupon toolbar a great, but in the interests of scientific research I reserve final?
judgement till later. Not only that but I’ve got work to be getting on with.

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