Dec 09 2003

First Time For Everything

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I had my first accident on my bike yesterday evening. I was leaving work to go to client in town (you need local? knowledge here). Well, I’ve never liked turning right out of my work, don’t ask me why as before now I’ve had no? reason. So, I was just leaving work. The road was clear in both directions and so I accelerated, cautiously at first,? of the pavement, and just as I hit the centre of the road my bike just span out from under me.

I’m not sure exactly what happened. I don’t know if it was me accelerating too hard (first gear is vicious on? my bike) or if I hit some oil or a damp patch. All I know is that I was turning the corner then my bike was reving up? beneath me, then I was lying in the road.

Luckily I only had a grazed knee and a grazed ankle. No other vehicles were involved, but shortly after I came off? there was traffic backed up in either direction.

Despite the fact that I was lying in the road, not a single driver bothered to get out of their car to assist? me. In my shocked state, and not knowing how badly I was injured, I had to lift my bike and try to get it onto the? pavement.

One old gentleman did pull over and stayed with me whilst I check myself for injuries and checked my bike, so I? do thank him for his concern, but nobody else seemed to bat an eye-lid. I realise that it is a busy section of road? but when there is a bike lying in the road infront of your car surely you can, at the least, help to move the bike? out of the way.

So now I know what it feels like to come off my bike maybe it will help improve my riding abilities. Only time? will tell.

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