Feb 25 2004

Bargainhost Monitor – Updated

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A new version of the Bargainhost Monitor (BHM) is now avaiable. This,
however, is an update of the installation software and not the Monitor
program itself. Due to the fact that BHM is written in Visual Basic 6
(yeah, yeah) it requires the end user to have the VB6 Runtime files.
These were packaged in the original installer but now, thanks to the
wonderful, wonderful Inno Setup and the just as wonderful ISTool I have been able to
seperate out the VB6 Runtime files into a seperate installer as an
optional download when you run the BHM installer.

As a result of doing this I have managed to get the main setup
executable down from a whopping 1.6Mb to a managable 460Kb. I do,
however, have to state the software requirements of BHM, and these are as

  • VB6 Runtime Files
  • IE 5.5+

Its not that much really is it? Unless you happen to be running Linux in
which case you’ll also be needing Wine. I haven’t tested BHM on Linux yet, so if you do
happen to get it running with Wine, please let me know (including your
setup info) and I’ll make sure to post about it here.

To get the new look installer, just point your browser at this link.

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