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Apr 30 2004

And it’s Friday… yes it’s Friday!

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Another week has just flown past. I haven’t got done half of the stuff I wanted to do. But what can I do about that! Luckily, being friday, I have got the weekend to relax and wind-down, and I don’t have to come into work on monday as it is a Bank Holiday.. Woo-Hoo!

If you were expecting some great news about something I’ve found on the internet… tough! Go find it yourself cos I’m going home!

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Apr 29 2004

The futures bright, the futures?TruStudio

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So after what seems like an age of silence from Xored about their PHP plugin for the Eclipse IDE framework, I finally got my act?
together and sent an email to Andrey Platov (lead developer at Xored) to ask?
what was happening.

The (rather rapid) response I received seemed quite promising. I can’t?
be bothered to summarise what he said, so I hope he’s not offended by me?
posting his email to me here:

Dear Adrian,

Thank you very much for your letter, it’s great to recieve
kind letters from people who use TruStudio and trust us.

TruStudio future seems to be very positive, after we have
been acquired by UniPro I feel enough support level to
finish TruStudio 1.0 this summer, after Eclipse 3.0 release…

As for open-source – yes TruStudio Foundation will be
open-source project and we plan few commercial TruStudio-based
products, with some add-ons like WYSIWYG HTML editor, etc…
We will not remove any valuable features for PHP Development
from TruStudio Foundation.

As for nightly builds test, you can subscribe to Bug #22:
you will get notified when nightly builds available.

Thank you very much for your interest, and
Kind Regards,


In other news, work is underway on an update to aquasail [dot] net. Whilst the site that is?
there is still a bit messy, I can tell you that work is in progress to bring?
users the latest sail infomation and resources from Guernsey, so keep an eye on?

I’ve…. well, my dad mostly… have finished building a new desk for my?
room. It is made from one sheet of ply-wood and a few screws but I can tell?
you now that its a good-un. For those of you not wanting to fork out a?
fortune on a new desk, I’ll be posting the details of it here so you can have a?
go at making one if you wish.

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Apr 20 2004

I’m Feeling Hacked Off

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Its Tuesday, its 10:40am, I’ve had a coffee and my head is buzzing. So why?
do I feel hacked off? Cos I’ve got variable diplopia, otherwise known as?
Double Vision.

I went to the optition the other day, under the order of my mother (ed:?
man that sucks!) just for him to tell me what I already knew. Sorry thats a?
lie, he told me more than I knew, previously I thought I had simple double?
vision which, if it became unbearable, could possibly be operated on to?
correct. I now find out that it is not simple but complex as it is variable double?
vision, i.e. if they try to correct it with lenses my eyes adjust to the?
lenses and then start wondering off again.

Under normal circumstances this wouldn’t be a problem as my brain would?
learn to compensate for this. However, things are never simple in real life.?
Due to the fact that I am a professional programmer I have to spend my days?
glued to a computer screen, the constant focusing on a near object is playing?
havoc with my eyes which, coupled with stress on my brain for solving?
computational problems, is killing my brain.

So after a lovely, brain killing, day at the office theres nothing I?
like more that to return home to a house packed with six people rife with?
bickering and complaining and requesting and noise making. Hmmm… just what the?
doctor ordered!!! Add to that a feeling of tension in my body to do something?
physical such as going for a run, help my dad in the garden or build a desk?
for my room but my brain is nooooooooo moooooore!!!!!

Never fear though, its not all doom and gloom. I have been trying to do?
some online research into Diplopia and have found, amongst others, this?
which has some interesting info on it.

I really don’t want this to affect my work, as I’ve got some blinding ideas?
for new developments. But only time will tell what will happen.

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Apr 19 2004

Too good for its own good

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GoogleIt looks like technology company Google has become so large that I may have to start disclosing its finalnical results to the SEC [USA]. Some beleive that [Google] may take this opportunity to float on the stock market and make a profit out of having to publish its financial reports. Read this article at Silicon Valley for more info.

My concern about google floating is that the focus will move towards making profits and the technology will take a back seat, rather than working on damn good technology which will naturally bring a profit. Google has got several options as to what to do, hopefully the future of their technology will have top priority.

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Apr 19 2004

PHP Coding Marathon

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I just found out about this and am considering entering it. “It” being a?
coding competition in?
being run by dotgeek?
[dot] org

The only things holding me back from entering the competition is that I?
have done most of my coding in PHP4 and am therefore not entirly sure I’m?
good enough at PHP5. Then again, it is free to enter and I’ve got nothing to?
loose, I’d only be giving up 24 hours of my life.

I think I’ve already talked myself into doing it… I may need to?
recruit the skillz of Phrixus to do a bit of planning for this and to get a?
reliable net connection.

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Apr 19 2004

Background Movement

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Those of you who are in the know, will know that for PHP developement I use the Xored::TruStudio in Eclipse as my main IDE. You will also know that for some time now Xored has been promising a new version of their TruStudio plugin… but hasn’t been releasing any information about it.

Well, today I was poking around the Xored website and stumbled across this little jem. It would appear to be a Project Plan (I wonder where I got that from) for the future of TruStudio. I have been keeping an eye on the TruStudio bugzilla which has been changing but this confirms that things are going on with TruStudio and hopefully it wont be long before we see another Milestone release of TruStudio 1.0

In other new, check out this account of a trip I took with friends to Jersey on the Easter weekend… I haven’t read it all yet and I didn’t write it, so don’t blame me if theres stuff in there that you don’t think should be.

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Apr 16 2004

VB George Interpreter

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GeorgeI’ve just created an interpreter for my progamming language, George. Its very basic atm., and it is a little slow to run but I have got big plans for it.

You can grab a copy of it from here. It requires VB 6 Runtime files which you have the option to download when you run the George setup wizard, but most people probably wont require them.

Please note that this is very much a work in progress, and there a quite a few bugs in it… I know – I wrote the thing.

If you want more information on what George is and how to write programs in George, you should have a look at the online George interpreter, or download my PHP George interpreter and read the documentation. If you’re still confused then don’t panic…. cos I’m confused to.

Please note…. the VB interpreter does take a long time to load.. this is because I have to load a MSFlexGrid with 10000 rows, which seems to take a while. I shall be replacing it with another much faster grid in the near future.

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Apr 16 2004

George Online

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So I finally managed to a George interpreter online. You can view it at

In case you fell into a black-hole a few months ago and have online just?
managed to get out, George is my very own programming language. It is based?
on the Brainf**k language, created by Urban M?ller, but with a few minor?

The main difference between George and Brainf**k is the addition of a?
conditional statement “{ | }”. I’ve included a break-down of George on the?
above interpreter page, and if you can decipher that you’re a cleverer person?
than I am, and I wrote the thing!!!

If you have a George program that you think should be included with the?
examples then mail it to me.

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Apr 15 2004

How chirping am I…?Not!!!

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I was hoping that I would never have to do this… but I have. Due to a slight confusion over somebody getting the wrong end of the stick, I have had to take down my previous post. I would like to appologies to all parties involved in the affore mentioned foobar and hope that this can be amicably resolved. It would appear that in a world of global communications being free with your speach is not always the best thing.

In other news, I am here, I am alive and shortly (hopefuly) I shall be going sailing. Correction… I wont be going sailing as the Tuff-Luff for the boat is not on the boat yet and wont be until at least tomorrow. Nevermind, hopefully we’ll be doing the Hanois race on sunday.

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Apr 01 2004

How chirping am I!!!

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::: censored :::

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