May 06 2004

American Responsibility

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I’m sorry if this offends any one but this is my site and I post about the?
things that I care about. One of the things that i’m currently bothered?
about in the world is Americas apparent lack of responsibility for their?
un-lawfull occupation of Iraq.

I must abmit that I was truely disgusted last night when I heard that?
Donald Rumsfeld would not be leaving the US Government following all that has?
happened in Iraq. When is America going to realise that it doesn’t rule the?
world? That there are other countries out there with reall people living real?
lives? Do they think that going to war is like watching a SitCom?

I personally think that the US and UK leaders should be held accountable?
for their legal deployment of troops. They went ploughing their way through?
Iraq intent on finding weapons of mass destruction. And what did they find??

It would appear that fate has dealt another cruel blow by making them the?
Mass Destructors!

I will abmit that the state of affairs in Iraq was far from idea before?
the war. However, it was relatively stable. Now look at the place. The?
coalition forces in Iraq are supposed to be handling over power to the Iraqis in?
the not too distant future? Will this happen? I think not. I’m sure the?
Americans will find some way of keeping one foot in the door… but isn’t how?
we got to this sad state of affairs? Because the west wanted to play god in?
the middle east?

When will they learn?

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