May 18 2004

Sailing around the world.

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This evening the plan was to go out for a gentle sail and trawl a fishing line behind. You know, a little pootle around. Little did I know that this would turn out to be the biggest water-bound adventure I’d ever have.

So we take the boat out of the marina, hang a left towards St Martins Point. We’re making 4 3Knots through the water but only about 1-2 knots over ground. SO what can be the harm in hoisting the spinnaker? None! Up she goes, and we start making about 5 knots.

Well, this was a little pootle so we decide to practice a spinnaker jibe. Not the smoothest operation, but not bad for my first attempt.

So how is the getting us around the world? Well, we’re getting in line with St Martins Point so we decide to head for home. Only instead of going straight back to port we thought we go round the back of the world… just to see what it looks like close up.

I knew it was big but I didn’t think it was THAT big. Luckily we managed to make it back to the marina before it got dark. You don’t beleive me? Well ask Shane or Helen and they’ll confirm it. We’ve even got some video footage to prove it!!!

Oops… didn’t I mention the The World is a cruise liner moored outside of St Peter Port harbour? Sorry, my mistake.

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