Jul 13 2004

Bed time banter

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This is an old article and the information contained within it may be out of date, not reflect my current views and/or contain broken links. If you feel this article is still valid and requires updating, you can use the contact form to let me know. However, I make no guarantee that it will get updated.

This is just a quick update before I head to bed. Just to let people know (if anyone reads this before I get to work) that I will be posting a new version of MojaviBuilder in the morning. There are people to thank so I’ll do that when I’ve got a bit more time.

Also, I’ve been keeping an eye on my log files and I’ve noticed that my site has been hit by some recurring search engine querries. Those people that are looking for information about the Mojavi MVC framework for PHP should take a look at www [dot] mojavi [dot] org and if you’re looking for help with Mojavi you should go to the forum section the people there are waiting to help you and they don’t bite, really!

People have also been hitting my site looking for information about Xored::TruStudio and the Eclipse development platform. You should take a look at www [dot] xored [dot] com and www [dot] eclipse [dot] org respectively. If you’re looking for the nightly builds of TruStudio, take a look at www [dot] xored [dot] com [slash] builds, when viewing a build you can get information about the compilation by appending testResults.php to the end of that nights build url, for example the testResult url for the current build is http://www.xored.com/builds/N-N20040713-200407130500/testResults.php (please note that they are currently having some problems with the build server).

Finally, and still with the Eclipse theme, Xored::TruStudio searchers may find http://www.eclipse-plugins.info/eclipse/index.jsp an interesting site to look at. Its got a good run-down of hundreds of plugins for Eclipse, so go take a look and let me know if you find anything of interest

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