Aug 25 2004

One week down….

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I’ve now been off the roads for one week but its not been too bad riding to work and home every day so far. Having said that, it has been good riding weather.

I’d say that I’ve already noticed an improvement in my fitness levels. Only another… erm… seven and a half weeks to go. But two of those weeks I’ll be in Spain on holiday, so its only five and a half weeks, which isn’t that long really.

Hang on a minute….

5.5 * 5 = 27.5 days
27.5 * 2 = 55 trips (to and from work)
55 * 3 = 165 miles
165 / 15 = 11 hours (cycling)

so that’s less than half a day of cycling I’ve got to do in the remained of the time that I’ve got off the roads… amazing! That not taking into account other cycling that I may have to do as a result of being off the roads but on the whole its not too bad

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