Aug 27 2004

Mojavi Builder – The Application

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Mojavi Builder
The application is made up from one main window… the project window. Down the left side is a list box which contains the actions in the list of actions in the current project, and also shows which is the currently selected action.

The entry fields on the right hand side are (in order):

  • Action Name: The name of the action (no spaces please).
  • Default view: The view to be returned by the getDefaultView() function in the action class.
  • Request Methods: What types of data transmittion will be accepted by this action.
  • Secure Action: Does this action require the users to be authenticated.
  • Require Privilege: Does the user require a special privilege
  • Privilege Name: The name of the required privilege
  • Namespace: The namespace that the privilege resides in.
  • Views: The view files to be generated. This should at least contain the default view.
  • Custom Validation: Whether the validate() function should be added to the action class
  • Register Validators: Whether the registerValidators() function should be added to the action class.
  • Handle Errors: Whether handleError() function should be addedto the action class. This is only required if Customer Validation or Register Validators is checked.

The main window also has several menus:

  • File:
    • New Project
    • Open Project
    • Save Project
    • Close
  • Project:
    • Name: the name of the project.
    • Path: the path for file generation. Currently this is the module folder.
    • Version: Which verison of Mojavi to generate files for (1 or 2)
    • Generate Files: Generate output files.
  • Help
    • About

Mojavi Project Icon
The project files are saved as *.moj files. If you must know, the are just XML files which wrap up the data for the project and the actions and therefore you could manually edit the files with a text editor is you so wish.

At some point I shall make a Schema file available but not just yet.

Warning: File generation is on Mojavi Builder releases 2, 3 and 3.1 is a destructive process. Any existing files and folders in the file generation path WILL be destroyed. This has been removed in Mojavi Builder release 4. See below for more information.

For news and updates about Mojavi Builder releases please check my main site www [dot] GrinGod [dot] com.

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