Oct 11 2004

Almost back on the road.

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It’s not long now until I can get back on the roads :)

My two month ban for driving in Guernsey is due to expire on the 17th October (this Sunday). But before I can start riding on the roads there are a few things I have to do.

Firstly I have got to reapply for my full car and provisional motorbike licenses. Hopefully Renate (my sister) has been to the VRLD (Guernseys License issuing authority) today to get the required forms for me.

Next I’ve got to check that my bike will actually start, as its been sat under its cover for the past two months. I’ll probably need to check that the battery is charged and that its got fuel in it. I should have started my bike whilst its been sat in the driveway (as I’m allowed to do that) but I haven’t done that as I decided it was probably best not to tempt myself into a “quick spin around the block just to see why its spluttering”!!!

Once I’m back on the roads I need to apply and pass my theory test (I’ve got the book!!!), get my bike re-jetted (as its got way too much fuel being pumped into the cylinders) and finally take and pass my full test!!! Hopefully I should get it all done by the time my provisional expires on 1st November 2005!!!

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