Oct 16 2004

Another step closer.

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I went to start my motorbike today. I thought it would be best to check the bike over today incase I needed to go and buy anything, rather than finding out tomorrow that it need some new parts and all the shops being closed because its a Sunday.

It took a bit of coaxing to get it started, I had to play with the choke and throttle. But then it never was the best bike at starting, and it has been sat there doing nothing for the past two months. Once it was started it seemed to run fine, it spluttered a bit to begin with but that was just clearing out the crap from when I was playing with the choke (nothing unusual about that for my bike).

Now I’ve just got to get a good nights rest so I can go out bright and early in the morning. I’m not sailing tomorrow (the repairs from last weekend were a little too pricey to get them done before tomorrow), so I’ve got the whole day tomorrow to devote to my bike :D

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