Oct 19 2004

Licensing Terms

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I was just reading the Licensing section of the Xored website for their TruStudio software. The Foundation (free) version of the software is released by Xored under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). TruStudio Professional, however, is proprietory software which can be purchased for either $47.50 or $72.50 (depending on version purchased). I’m not against Xored selling their professional version and I personally think that the price is very reasonable for the features that it contains.

What I am concerned about is whether they are breaking the terms of the GPL, as the GPL says that by creating a work that is a derivative of a GPL’ed program, the derivative must also be GPL’ed. Or can they get around this because they are the authors of both the original and derived works and can therefore grant themselves the right to re-license TruStudio Professional under a different license?

The only reason I raise this question is because of a mailing list archive I came across whilst looking for information about the .NET 1.1 frameworks built-in .NET compilers for VB.NET, C# and J#.

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