Jan 12 2005

Its alright, I’ve got a cunning plan!

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Thats right. And very cunning it is!

This summer I’m planning to follow in my dads footsteps. Or is that wheel tracks? Anyway, once upon a time, whilst he was at college in England, he rode his motorbike up to the north or Norway to work on a small fram for the summer. And to cut a long story short he ended up marrying the farmers daughter, my mother.

So this June is my Grans 85th birthday. All of my family here in Guernsey is heading up there so I thought I’d go too. Only I’ll be riding up there on my GSX-R750.

My planned route is to take a ferry from Guernsey to Portsmouth (UK), the ride up to Newcastle. Take a ferry across the North Sea to Bergen (Norway) and the ride to Hamsund (my grans home village). The route is about a 4000 mile round trip and I am planning take about three weeks – one week each way and a weeks holiday in the middle.

Obviously there is a lot of planning to be done. Here is my initial list of things to do:

  • Plan route
  • Buy Guernsey->UK tickets
  • Buy UK->Norway tickets
  • Buy new motorcycle helmet
  • Buy intercom unit
  • Buy bike luguage
  • Service bike
  • Install intercom unit & bike alarm
  • Locate possible over-night stops

This is just an initial list. I have got a larger list of things to do but I don’t have it on me at the moment so I’ll have to update this list when I get home.

Addition list items:

  • Aquire tent for emergencies
  • Purchase riding clothing (trousers & new gloves)
  • Find & buy cigarette lighter for motorbike (to charge phone & iPod)
  • Buy iPod (either Mini or Shuffle)

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