Jan 14 2005


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I have finally got around to implementing Gravatars on this site for comments.

So whats a Gravatar? It is a Globally Recognised Avatar.

And how do I get a Gravatar? Simple, head over to Gravatar.com and get an account there.

And how do I display it in you comments? Simple again. So long as you use the same email address for comments on this site as you used for your Gravatar account your Gravatar will be displayed.

But wont that make my email address insecure? No. I never display your email address on this site or give it out to a third party, and your email address is HD5 hashed (one way encryption) before it is sent so your email address cannot be intercepted.

So where can I get one of these Gravity thingies? THey’re called Gravatars and I already told you that you can get theme from Gravatar.com.

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