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Feb 17 2005

Friendly Police

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I’ve been pulled over by the police so many times now on my Gixxer that I think its becoming a habit rather than just randomness, so now I always carry my license and insurance documents with me.

The other night (Tuesday I think) I was riding home from somewhere and got stuck behind a car that was driving at about 25mph (on a 35mph road). Thinking it was an old couple I stayed behind rather than blasting past them and frightening them. To cut a long story short I waited until a nice wide clear section of road before overtaking.

After overtaking I continued at about 40mph (to catch up on lost ground) only to notice that the car had sped up and was keeping pace with me. This continued for about a mile until we reached a 25mph zone.

Unfortunately for me my primary fuel ran out at that point so I had to switch over to reserve. My bike doesn’t like making the switch so I have to rev it up a bit to keep it running smooth. At was at this point in time that the old coggers behind me decided to switch their nice blue flashey lights on. Doh!

It seems that the only folks that were driving at 25mph were infact police. So I pulled over (as soon as it was safe to do so) and prepared for the biggest bollocking since I got done for doing 67 in a 35 zone. To my delight the policeman that got out of the car was none other than [hidden identity] with whom I used to go to school with. I immediately did the whole “a’right mate! Haven’t seen you in years” thing and “I see you’re still in the police” thing, I quickly pulled out my license and insurance to prove that I wanted to be a compliant as possible with the police.

It appears that it worked. I just gave me a ticking of in the way that “old friends who haven’t seen each other in years but one of them is a police office and has to tell the other one off” do, and I was on my way again.

Of this whole episode that most bizarre thing wasn’t that I got stopped (thats all too common for me), it wasn’t that it was an old school friend that stopped me, no, it was the car. It was a Honda Stream people carrier type thing. Not the sor tof car that you’d expect to be use as an unmarked police car.

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Feb 15 2005

Wireless ADSL

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I’m borrowing a Netgear Wireless ADSL router this evening to test out whether on not my parents house is any good for using a wireless network.

The problem with my parents house is that I’m currently living in an extension wing that runs out from the back of the house whilst the rest of the family is in the main part of the house. This is made worse (for wireless networking) by the fact that the walls that seperate the extension from the main house are solid granite.

I’m taking home the router tonight to see where I can place the route to get good coverage throughout the house.

My aim for getting broadband is so that my sisters and nephew (FYI there are six/seven of us living in the house) can access the internet without kicking me out of my room, and so that I can get on with doing some work at home rather than having to stay late at or like I am atm.

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Feb 14 2005

More Trouble with

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Oh the pain, the pain! Its such a pain in the a*se trying to get Dabs to do anything.

My current problem with is that I have decided that I’m not going to be using their not quite so wonderful services any more. Therefore, I would like to delete my details from their system just incase the decide to violate the data protection act and perform unauthorised processing on my personal data.

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Feb 14 2005

Memory Loss

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I was talking with someone this weekend about what I did on Friday night.

I can’t remember who I was talking to, where, or when.

Any ideas who it might have been?

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Feb 10 2005

First Day of Lent

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Yesterday was the first day of lent. My drinking allowance yesterday was three cups of tea (no coffee). I stuck to my plan of having one cup in the morning and one at lunch time, but by the evening I was so worn out I couldn’t face making and drinking a cup of tea.

So in some ways yesterday was a success… I only had two cups of my three cup allowance. The down side is that I felt crap all day, a situation which wasn’t help by the fact that I could find a solution to a problem I’m having at work.

This morning I felt a lot better. I didn’t feel the need for a cup of tea before going to work, and I was able to fight off the craving until about mid-morning. Lets hope every day is this easy.

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Feb 10 2005

My Last Time… I Promise

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Well, here I am again. This week I put together both the back stroke and the hand stroke.

I got into a bit of a mess with the rope and had to be rescued by my teacher. I got a bit flustered and in a bit of a panic but I wasn’t killed so I guess it wasn’t too bad.

Despite my slip-ups everyone seems to agree that my basic technique is ok and they all want me to continue (they’re a bit short of ringers at the town church!)

I had a go at ringing on both the trebble and second bell.

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Feb 09 2005

Phishing with Firefox & IE

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The latest news in the world of Phishing is the IDN (International Domain Names) atack as demonstrated by Shmoo.

Firefox announced that they had fixed the bug within 12 hours, or atleast allowed you to turn off the feature that allowed the attack.

Microsoft, however, was quick to announce that IE was never vulnerable in the first place. A little light reading on the Microsoft knowledge base shows that the reason for this is that they never supported IDN in the first place.

Damien Guard (the guy I work with) has installed one of the available plugins for IE that allows for IDN and has demonstrated that with the plugin IE is vulnerable to attack.

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Feb 08 2005

Better Spam Blocking

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I’m upping the ante on Comment Spammers.

I’ve ben reading through the documentation for Apache and have come up with a better (I think) approach at blocking comment spammers. It may result in a few more people incorrectly receiving ASBOs but until I receive a complaint about it my new system ius staying in place.

The new system uses apaches mod_access and mod_setenvif to check if a referer has been set and block it if it conforms to a Regular Expression. The code that I have got in my .htaccess file is as follows:

SetEnvIf Referer ((holdem|texas|poker|casino|online|gambl|blackjack|game|free).*){2,} deny_me
Deny from env=deny_me

This is only a first version Regex and will probably need to be changed at some point, but it will do for now.

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Feb 08 2005

First Day of Lent Tomorrow

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Today is Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake day as it’s more commonly known. Which means that in my house tonight we’re going to be gorging ourselves on pancakes, yum :)

That also means that, traditionally, from tomorrow until Easter day is Lent, a period of fasting (starving yourself). My sister, whilst she doesn’t fast, gives up chocolate, sweet, crisps and shop bought cakes (she claims homemade cakes are ok as you use up energy making them and they’re generally healthier than the shop bought version). So I to am planning on giving up something for Lent.

I have been thinking about this quite hard but can’t figure out what to give up. I thought about chocolate but I don’t eat much, so that wont be such a hardship. I could try giving up caffeine but as I am an addict I’m not sure I would be able to manage the full period of Lent (I recently read an article in National Geographic about caffeine addiction) and I think my work would suffer. But Lent is supposed to be a period of hardship and self determination, so I am considering not completely giving up caffeine but simply reducing it to the amount which I require to keep going rather than a cup every 10 minutes.

Whilst I would still be able to function I would also be pushing my body and mind, and I might even reduce my addiction to a manageable level… a level at which I may be able to quit without seriously harming my working life…. or maybe I’ll just give up the junk food.

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Feb 08 2005

More Info About My Gixxer

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I’ve been trying to track down part numbers for my bike as I’m trying to get it in as good a condition as possible for when I head off this summer.

I found the Alpha Sports website, in America, which has been a god send in finding out the original part numbers for my bike. Currently, however, I’m trying to find parts to replace missing and broken bits of the fairings (cowlings) and fixings. The Alpha Sports website list parts for a model 7JJ and a model 9SR. O… k… I though that knowning it was a GSX-R750 J would be good enough but what the hell is this 7JJ and 9SR.

Back to Google and after several wrong turns (including Anderson Vintage Parts, which I may come back to later) I found a Japanese site (google translation) with a history of the GSX-R and for 1988 it has a picture if the 750J in both its Blue/White and Red/White colour schemes. Under the Blue/White piture is written 9SR and under the Red/White is written 7JJ.

I guess my bike is a 7JJ… back to Alpha Sports!

I’ve just found another site in the UK that supplies parts for the GSX-R750J, its over at

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