Mar 08 2005

Chains, Luggage and Music

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This post is going to be a bit of a hodge-podge of all things related to my bike that have been happening recently (somethings may be in future posts, only with a different slant).

First up is my chain tensioning experience. I successfully managed to re-tension my chain on Saturday afternoon, after which my bike rode like a dream. Smooth gear changes, easy shifting into neutral, jerkless clutch releases. Unfortunately, when it came to tighten the axel nuts my torque-wrench only goes up to 95Nm. The Haynes manual for my bike says to tension the axel nuts to 85-115Nm. I thought it would be alright doing them up to 95Nm but I think it may not have been enough and the chain my be becoming loose again. I guess I’ll have to head past the Bridge Motorshop on my way home for lunch tomorrow and get a big fat torque-wrench that does at least 115Nm.

This lunchtime I took my helmet to Ryders, a motorbike accessories shop in Guernsey, to get my Autocom headset fitted. The base-unit is being fitted on Saturday morning so I will soon be able to use my phone, listen to music on my new iPod (I said some stuff may relate to other posts) and talk to passengers (if I get another headset. The Autocom unit can also be connected to a two-way radio for bike-bike and bike-car communication.

Whilst I was at Riders I also purchased a set of 2005 model Oxford Sports panniers and a tank-top map reader. I haven’t fully tested the panniers yet but they fit on the bike better than the 2004 panniers which I tested at the shop. They seem to be massive and have loads of pockets and even come with rain covers!!! Over the next few weeks those of you in Guernsey will probably see me riding around with them on so that I can get used to them before I head off to England in a couple of weeks.

I’m also waiting for Riders to get a pair of Spada trousers in so I can try them for size. I want to get some proper riding trousers before I do some serious riding in England. I’m hoping to stay at various Youth Hostels in England so that I get full use of my YHA membership, it will also be cheap and I’ll be able to travel around a lot.

England here I com!!!

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