Mar 30 2005

Last Ride In The UK

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My last ride of the holiday in the UK was from Cheltenham down to Poole so I could catch the ferry to come home again. The ferry wasn’t until 4:00pm so I decided to set off earlier in the morning so that I could spend some time in the New Forest and possibly go down to Bucklers Hard (an old ship building yard thats now a museum).

I managed to follow my planned route this time (as I’d written out my own route plan rather than following the RAC directions). I got to the New Forest in about an hour and a half and promptly got stuck in traffic. Although I was on my bike and I was overtaking standing traffic when I could I was still in the jam for about half an hour before I finally decided that maybe I should give up on the whole New Forest thing as I still hadn’t got to Lyndhusrt and I had no idea of how to get to Bucklers Hard. Maybe next time I’ll go to the New Forest during the week instead of on a Bank Holiday Monday!!!

I promptly did a U-turn in the road and headed back to the motorway. From there it was only a half-hour blast to Poole where I knew I could grab a bit to eat at the checkin area, only I wasn’t prepared for the pesky kid…. but thats another story.

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