Apr 21 2005

metcheck.com Goes OTT

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For some time now I have been using metcheck.com as my prefered website for weather information. As far as I can tell their information is pretty accurate forecasts and historic data, even on the free sections of the site.

I have always liked reading the more far out bits of the site, such as the rest of the winter forecast (it’s been taken down now as the winter is over) and the rest of 2005 forecast. Its obvious that these are complete guesses based on previous years but it makes interesting reading non-the-less.

metcheck.com has, in my view, just hit new levels of wierdness. I’ve just noticed that they’ve added a BBQ Index to help you whether or not you should have that BBQ on Saturday or if you should wait until the Bank Holiday Monday because the weather would be more suitable. They have also added a Drying Time to help you decided whether you should hang the washing outside for that fresh spring breeze smell or just stick it in the tumble dryer.

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