Apr 25 2005

Half Arsed at the Boathouse

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Seeing as how Shane and Leigh have posted about this topic I thought I’d better add my 5 cents worth, as it seems that neither of them has explained exactly what happened.

The morning started with the cancellation of the sailing race that was due to be held. Everyone else started the day preparing for the race but I got there a little late. It was (almost)unanimously decided that we would go to the Guernsey Yacht Club for a coffee followed by breakfast at the Boathouse braserie.

The order was quite simple three Full English breakfasts, one without egg, and two beans on toast. The drinks order was four orange juices, two earl grey teas and one black coffee. When I ordered my Full English I tried asking for it without the egg but was initial virtually told to shut up as she’d finished taking my order.

The drinks arrived first, all apart from milk for the tea and an orange juice. It took three requests before we finally received the orange juice and the milk and it wasn’t like they were terribly busy at the time, I think there may have been two waitresses and a manager serving three tables.

When the breakfasts finally arrived we had two beans on toast (as requested) and three Full English… all with eggs. I tried pointing out to the waitress that I had request no egg with my Full English, at this point she seemed very confused and grabbed the other waitress who also couldn’t quite grasp the fact that I had request to not have a egg with my breakfast and had to call over the manager. He started going off on one about how not having an egg wouldn’t reduce the price of the breakfast. Do I look like I’m broke? Is it so inconveicable that I didn’t want the egg because I really don’t like egg?

Apart from the setting that must be one of the worst sunday morning fry-ups I’ve had in a long time. For the quality of the food and the service the Boathouse was hugely over priced. I fully agree with Shane and Leigh decision to never voluntarily go there again. We have got a list of other posssible places to go, including the Half Moon, Friar Tucks and the White Rock.

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