May 25 2005

MojaviBuilder Under Mono?

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Having subscribed to the MWF blog I noticed today that they have finally posted a new entry.

Whilst this in itself isn’t too interesting, some of the information in the entry is interesting. Firstly, the MWF (Microsoft Windows Forms) project for Mono is now up to 98% complete. Most of the basic controls are now complete.

The second interesting piece of information is that you can now get a Live CD for mono. The CD is freely available as an ISO which can be downloaded directly via HTTP or via BitTorrent (see

The upshot of all this is that hopefully MojaviBuilder will now run under Mono. I have downloaded the ISO via BitTorrent which I’ll burn to CD when I get home and then have a go and running MojaviBuilder. If it does run then I’ll know I can go continue developing MojaviBuilder in .NET 1.1 safe in the knowledge that I can be run under Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

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