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Jul 28 2005

Hooray For Me!

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I’ve just managed to write my first piece of C#, it is only 6 lines of code and most of that is based on another function so its not that much of an advancement in my programming knowledge… but it is a start!

Having said that, I have yet to hit the Debug->Start button so there is time for it to go Pete Tong yet.

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Jul 25 2005

A Musical Meme

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DamienG has decided I should do this music Meme, so here goes:

Total volume of music files on my computer:

Which computer – home or work? My iPod says 2447 songs, 10.1Gb which I think must be in the order of about 7 days.

The last CD I bought was:

I think that would have to be *runs to cd collection* The President of The United States of America – Freaked Out & Small and Love Everybody (I got both at the same time).

Song playing right now:

Nothing is playing at the moment but I’ve just made a new “Summer Music” playlist that contains the likes of The Presidents, Blur, Moby, Apollo 440, Oasis… and other music that makes me think of summers at uni.

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:
(In no particular order)

  • Apollo 440, Heart Go Boom – I reminds me of my first summer at uni.
  • DJ Shadow, Organ Donor (Extended overhaul) – I just love the hammond organ in it.
  • Mr Oizo, Flat Beat – The first time I heard it on the Levi’s ad I wanted it. It now reminds me of bunking off school , driving around in my mates kev’ed up Fezie.
  • The All Seeing I, Beat Goes On – It was playing on the radio when I broke up with my first girlfriend, I’m not an emotional person but that really got me.
  • Public Domain, Operation Blade – When the coding is going good this just makes it better.

Five people to whom I�m passing the musical baton:

  • Phrixus, I think his music likes are the same as mine.
  • Dave, who knows what Dave likes, he’s Dave!
  • Leigh Brooks, yet another unknown musical quantity.
  • Yrsa Andersson, because her taste in music is so different to mine.
  • Miri … for the hell of it!

That took longer than I thought it was going to take… can I go to bed now?

Alright, so it’s not late at night when this finally made it onto my site but it was late when I started it, I just couldn’t decide which five people to send it on to… sorry if you didn’t make the list.

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Jul 21 2005

Google On Over-drive

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Having posted an entry yesterday, about googles proof that the moon is made of cheese, I got my first hit from Google today for someone searching for “cheese moon google“.

Hats off to google for such a rapid update of their search index. :)

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Jul 20 2005

How Easy Is It To Make Friends On ICQ?

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I’ve been on ICQ for over 6 years now and during that time I have never tried starting a conversation with a random person, so I thought I’d give it a go. Over the past couple of days I have tried making contact with around twenty people, most of whom never replied – either nobody there or they were ignoring me. Of all the chat requests I sent out I only got three positive responses, two from Germany and one from Hong Kong.

The person from Hong Kong chatted with me for about 5 minutes before going silent and the two from Germany last about twenty minutes before making their excuses and leaving. I have one of the German people added to my contact list but very much doubt I’ll be chatting with them again.

So what are the chances of finding friends on ICQ? I’d say that your best chance of finding a friend on ICQ is for them to make contact with you first, unless you don’t mind taking knock backs. Nevermind, I’m determind to find someone to chat with as I while away my time at work home, so its back to the old Trillian “Find a Chat Partner” for me.

The experiment is cancelled until further notice. All bets are off!!!

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Jul 20 2005

Google Does It Again!

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A new item has appear in the Google blog entitled Moon Children. It seems that someone at google had the dream of producing a Google Maps version for the moon. So they did.

Two things should be noted though. Firstly, it only covers a very tiny area of the moon… if you zoom out you’ll see what I mean. Secondly, Google has amazing provided proof that the moon IS made of cheese… again zoom right in and you’ll see what I mean.

In other Google news, I found this blog post from a guy that got let off a traffic violation thanks to Google Maps.

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Jul 18 2005

The Joy of Dabs

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Brilliant! I’ve just had my first hit from the domain in a while… the only question is “Why are they looking at my site?”. Is it a customer services / marketing employee being sent to investigate bad press or is it a disgruntled employee?

Any way, prompted by the appearance of the domain in my logs I decided to have another quick search to see what others have to say about Dabs’ bad customers services. I came upon this amusing story by “Chris”.

Its seems from his experience that if you are having trouble with then you should (failing getting a response from Customer *cough* Services) try contacting Bolton Trading Standards with your complaint. I don’t have the contact details for them but will try and find them. Chris also offers some good advice as to how you handle a complaint with You should remember to keep a record of all correspondence with and NEVER be abusive otherwise you’ll loose all your rights.

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Jul 13 2005

Another Contact

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I was just using Google to see how hhigh in the ranking I am (5th if you search for Dabs contact) and I came across another contact on the CNetChannel website.

I have no idea if this person still works for Dabs or if this number is still valid for Dabs:

Louise Derbyshire
Phone: +44 (0)870 429 3701

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Jul 07 2005

Lucky #*%!

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It seems that Damien has finally made it onto the website in an update to their post about Microsoft re-classification of Claria in their anti-spyware software.

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Jul 07 2005

More Currency Conversion

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Further to my previous post about online currency conversion, I have just seen on the google blog that the google calculation engine now supports currency conversion… how cool is that!!!

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Jul 04 2005

Return From Norway

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I’m back from my three week holiday to Norway but my bike isn’t!

It’s a long story so I’ll fill you in about it later.

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