Aug 03 2005

I’ve Started My Second Life

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I’ve never really been a big fan of computer games. I find that you either need to be fast as f**k with the keyboard and mouse, or they’re just too restrictive and linear in their game play. Thats why I like programming, I can get the computer to do what I want, when I want, and at my own pace.

Now I may have found a game that offers everything that I like about programming but in an environment that I can interact with other online “players”. The game I’m talking about is “Second Life” the massively multi-player online game from Linden Lab.

Not only does the game offer a virtuality world in which you can interact with other players, by land, play mini in-game games. It also offers the possibility for players to extend the world with their own created objects such as buildings, vegitation, vehicles, weaponry. These user created objects can also be extended with scripts to allow them to interact and react with the world around them. For example, balls can be made to bounce, doors to open etc.

The scripting in Second Life is all done with Linden Labs’ own Linden Scripting Language (LSL) which structure is similar to C and Java, but has a few odities that I’m trying to get my head around — states being one of them. I was please, however to see in the Wiki (I think) that Linden Lab is planning on changing the scripting langauge to Mono (the open source version of Microsofts .Net framework). That should make my life a whole lot easier as I’m currently programming in VB.Net and C# at work.

One of the really neat features that I’ve got my eye on is the possibility of communicating with the outside world via email and XML-RPC… more about that later.

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