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Sep 29 2005

An Act Too Far

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Saw this on a random site:

1. Go into your archives.
2. Find your 21st post.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
5. Tag five other people to do the same thing.

my sentence:
“Since when has heckling been an act of terrorism?”

Not quite five but here are the tags:
Sailing Bug

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Sep 26 2005

File Sharing Is Not Illegal

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It seems that International Federation of Phonographic Industries (IFPI) is stepping up its efforts to prevent people advancing internet technologies. In their latest move the IFPI has released a piece of software called Digital File Check which scans a users computer and deletes any copies of file-sharing (BitTorrent, Kazaa, Limewire, etc.) that it finds.

Their reasons for doing this is because (I’m making assumptions here as they haven’t responded to my email) they believe that file-sharing software can only be used to share illegal pirated music, software and films.

Whilst the idea is, in principle, quite simple: “No sharing software – no pirating”, they really couldn’t be further from the truth. There are several points which they have missed, which they really should think about:

  • File sharing is not just about priating music/films. There is a vast range of material out there which is not copyrighted.
  • Any internet protocol can be used for transfering pirated material: email, http, ftp, gopher, etc. Therefore Digital File Check will not stop pirating.
  • If the artists are concerned that pirating means they’ll get less money then they should seriously think about the share of the pie that the record company executives are taking.

There really is no point in the record & film industries telling people you can’t do this and you can’t do that with out giving a viable alternative as to what they CAN do. One way in which, I think, the record industry could receive a pat on the back is if they were to produce their own file sharing software. The software would have to be as fast and efficient as other software out there, it would have to be able to restrict pirated material whilst also allowing non-copyrighted material to pass unhindered.

One thing that I thought would have become fairly obvious to the record & film industries is that technology is not going to stand still. We are now firmly entering the information age and one of the basic pricipals is the free flowing of information… digital information. People are willing and capable of developing methods of shifting data. If one method of shifting data gets blocked you can bet that another, more efficient method is just around the corner.

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Sep 22 2005

Update to RDC 0.7 WordPress Theme

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I’ve been using the RDC theme on my website for a while now but one thing that has been annoying me for a while now is the fact that when I am logged in (as an Admin) I don’t get an “Edit this” link for each post displayed. If I want to edit a post I have to go to the Admin area, find the post I want to edit and then edit it.

Today I decided to correct this. Now, when I am logged into my website the titles look something like this:

RDC edit link

The work required to get this working really is very minimal and is as follows:

Download the edit icon from

Edit index.php, single.php, page.php, archive.php in the RDC theme folder to change the lines that look like:

<ul class=”datestamp”>
  <li class=”icon date”><?php the_time(‘F jS, Y’) ?></li>
  <li class=”icon time”><?php the_time(‘g:i a’); ?></li>

So that they read:

<ul class=”datestamp”>
  <li class=”icon date”><?php the_time(‘F jS, Y’) ?></li>
  <li class=”icon time”><?php the_time(‘g:i a’); ?></li>
  <?php edit_post_link($link = ‘Edit post’, ‘<li class=”icon edit”>’, ‘</li>’); ?>

Then you need to edit the css file in <rdc root folder>\_css\base.css to add on line 494:

ul.edits li {
  background: url(base/icon_edit.gif) no-repeat 0 50%;
  float: right;

Thats all there is to it. Hopefully the RDC designers will pick up on this and incorporate it into the next release of RDC ;)

The current version of RDC (0.7) is available from:

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Sep 22 2005

Know Your Rights

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For those of you out there that are being f**ked over by, or are thinking of making a first time purchase from them, you may find some solace in this article by Ian Betteridge.

The article is an overview of some of the rights of consumers in the UK and gives a good guide to your rights when buying goods and to the level of service you should expect if anything goes wrong.

Link from BoingBoing

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Sep 20 2005

Money For Me

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Last Saturday I had the oppertunity to ring at two weddings. I wouldn’t normally have rung for weddings as I am still a bit unsure of my abilities, however there was a Channel Islands District meeting in Alderney on Saturday so they were very short of ringers… enter yours truely :)

First up was a wedding at the Town Church. For this one I was only worried about crashing with other bells and making it sound bad but if I had none of the congregation would have known it was me as the ringers are hidden away in the ringing chamber up in the bell tower, well out of view of the church goers. Luckily everything seemed to go off without a hitch. We were ringing rounds into queens and back, and some simple call changes.

After the ringing I went for lunch with Ingrid (not my mum) at Christies. I felt very under-dressed as I was wearing scruff-stuff as I had been working on my Bandit before ringing. Apart from that fun was had by all I think… I’ll find out Thursday.

Saturday afternoon saw me ringing at the Vale church. This time I had to make a bit of an effort to smarten myself up as the ringers are in full view of the congregation. This time it was all call-changes from rounds to queens (I think) and back. Again, I think that my ringing was quite acceptable.

The good thing about ringing for weddings is that you get paid for it. So that’s netted me a couple of quid for an hour of ringing. I also found out, last night, that there is a wedding at the Vale church this Saturday so naturally I’ve offered my services…. £££!

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Sep 15 2005

How To Beat The Juicy Fruit!

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I just got a link from BoingBoing to the appalling Juice Fruit blog site and believe me it is bad!

Anyway, on the Juicy Fruit site there is a game to see how long you can hold down you mouse key on a part of the site (its all done in Flash). The first thing I noticed was that the longest times that they have got listed on the page is over 99 days!!!! How can this be? Well, I decided to have a go and see if I could beat the system. And what do you know… I did! Whilst I am typing this the clock on the Juicy Fruits site is still ticking away and I haven’t had to do anything like taping down the button on my mouse.

So how did I do it? Simple, I used the menu! What you have to do is:

  1. Click and hold down the left mouse button.
  2. Whilst holding down the left button, click the right button to bring up the Flash context menu.
  3. Release both buttons.
  4. Move your mouse cursor away from the context menu and the flash content.
  5. Minimize the webpage.

So long as you do not move the mouse cursor over the flash content on the webpage the clock will continue to tick away. You can restore and minimise the page till you hearts content and the clock will keep ticking.

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Sep 13 2005

Bandit Parts

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Bandit Parts

I remembered to take a photo of my new bike parts just as I was about to leave for work this morning. This isn’t all the parts as I have also got the wheel spindle, brake lines, a second brake disc, and another new tyre – I think the one in the photo is a rear tyre, I also have a front tyre.

As soon as my parents car is back from the garage I shall be taking the front wheel and tyre to get them fitted and then I’ll be able to get on with fixing the bike.

One thing I need to check is the spacers the are on the damaged front wheel as I think I may be missing some, so I hope I’ll be able to salavage them if I need to.

I also need to check what bolts and washers I need for the brake lines and whether or not I can re-use my old ones.

But that can wait for another day.

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Sep 12 2005

Let Work Commence

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The new parts for my Bandit finally arrived today (I was expecting them last Friday) so I can now finally begin the process of re-building the bike. I was going to take some pictures of the parts but I left my camera at work when I went home for lunch so I’ll have to post pictures later.

The parts that have arrived are:

  • Front wheel (inc. bearings)
  • Front wheel spindle and spacer
  • Front forks (left & right side)
  • Front brake discs (left & right)
  • Front brake lines
  • Michellin Pilot Sport front tyre
  • Michellin Pilot Sport rear tyre

The plan of action from here is as follows:

  1. Get tyre fitted on front wheel
  2. Charge bike battery (it went flat whist in storage)
  3. Remove old forks, wheel & brake lines
  4. Remove brake calipers from old forks
  5. Thoroughly clean new parts
  6. Rebuild front end with new parts
  7. Take bike to have new rear tyre fitted.

After all that is completed I should hopefully have a fully restored Bandit 600 so that I will then be able to take my Gixxer into retirement in order to be able to strip it down and rebuild it over the winter.

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Sep 12 2005

Always Listen To Your Teachers

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Must of what your teachers say at school (up to and including 6th Form) is a load of drivel designed to get students through their exams. However, occasionally they will give out little gems of wisdom that may one day become very very useful. Whilst I was at the grammar school I had the opportunity to take wine appreciation (I think it may have had something to do with General Studies) but I remember that it was taken by our I.T. teacher who used to take about almost anything but the subject at hand. One day he was talking to us about drink-driving (and how very bad it is) and he told us about one time that he had driven home after a heavy night in the pub and couldn’t figure out how to turn on his headlights. The solution?…. he used his indicators! Needless to say he was stopped by the police… not for drink-driving but for driving without his headlights on – this was quite a few years ago, and in Guernsey!!!

So what has this got to do with my GSX-R750? Well, last night I left Shanes house following a BBQ only to find that my dipped headlights weren’t working, full beam was very intermittent and when I used my front brake the brake light didn’t come on. After a bit of poking around we (Shane & I) decided that it may be the corroded relays that were the problem. Luckily my parking lights were still working so I decided to risk it and ride home anyway. Before setting off I wiggled the relay wires and managed to get the full-beam on and just hoped it would last until I got to the main road – Shane lives down some very windy, very narrow, very dark lanes.

Unfortunately the full beam didn’t last a hundred meters before it failed again. What could I do? Luckily I remembered my teachers words of wisdom and managed to get through the lanes with the aid of my indicators for light… which wasn’t very easy as the hedges and walls kept on disappearing only to re-appear much closer than I thought they should be!!!

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Sep 07 2005

Programming Fonts

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Damien (friend & co-worker) has recently released two fixed-width fonts which he has created for programming, Envy Code A and Envy Code B.

Envy Code A was the first to be created but Envy Code B soon followed. I have been using pre-release versions of these fonts for about a month now and have become quite fond of the Envy Code B font, not just for programming but also for use in IM.

Rumor has it that there are more fonts on the way…. to find out more you’ll have to keep an eye on Damiens site (sorry no RSS feed for his main website).

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