Sep 12 2005

Always Listen To Your Teachers

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Must of what your teachers say at school (up to and including 6th Form) is a load of drivel designed to get students through their exams. However, occasionally they will give out little gems of wisdom that may one day become very very useful. Whilst I was at the grammar school I had the opportunity to take wine appreciation (I think it may have had something to do with General Studies) but I remember that it was taken by our I.T. teacher who used to take about almost anything but the subject at hand. One day he was talking to us about drink-driving (and how very bad it is) and he told us about one time that he had driven home after a heavy night in the pub and couldn’t figure out how to turn on his headlights. The solution?…. he used his indicators! Needless to say he was stopped by the police… not for drink-driving but for driving without his headlights on – this was quite a few years ago, and in Guernsey!!!

So what has this got to do with my GSX-R750? Well, last night I left Shanes house following a BBQ only to find that my dipped headlights weren’t working, full beam was very intermittent and when I used my front brake the brake light didn’t come on. After a bit of poking around we (Shane & I) decided that it may be the corroded relays that were the problem. Luckily my parking lights were still working so I decided to risk it and ride home anyway. Before setting off I wiggled the relay wires and managed to get the full-beam on and just hoped it would last until I got to the main road – Shane lives down some very windy, very narrow, very dark lanes.

Unfortunately the full beam didn’t last a hundred meters before it failed again. What could I do? Luckily I remembered my teachers words of wisdom and managed to get through the lanes with the aid of my indicators for light… which wasn’t very easy as the hedges and walls kept on disappearing only to re-appear much closer than I thought they should be!!!

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