Sep 12 2005

Let Work Commence

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The new parts for my Bandit finally arrived today (I was expecting them last Friday) so I can now finally begin the process of re-building the bike. I was going to take some pictures of the parts but I left my camera at work when I went home for lunch so I’ll have to post pictures later.

The parts that have arrived are:

  • Front wheel (inc. bearings)
  • Front wheel spindle and spacer
  • Front forks (left & right side)
  • Front brake discs (left & right)
  • Front brake lines
  • Michellin Pilot Sport front tyre
  • Michellin Pilot Sport rear tyre

The plan of action from here is as follows:

  1. Get tyre fitted on front wheel
  2. Charge bike battery (it went flat whist in storage)
  3. Remove old forks, wheel & brake lines
  4. Remove brake calipers from old forks
  5. Thoroughly clean new parts
  6. Rebuild front end with new parts
  7. Take bike to have new rear tyre fitted.

After all that is completed I should hopefully have a fully restored Bandit 600 so that I will then be able to take my Gixxer into retirement in order to be able to strip it down and rebuild it over the winter.

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