Oct 05 2005

The Future Of MojaviBuilder

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I have been asked serveral times recently what the future holds for Mojavi Builder. At this time I would like to say that there doesn’t appear to be a future and I would like to take this opportunity to explain why.

The last release of MojaviBuilder was way back on the 18th August 2004, that being MojaviBuilder X. Soon after (or possibly before) then Sean Kerr started work on Mojavi 3.0. At that time MojaviBuilder contained all the functionality that I wished it to contain for Mojavi 1 & 2 so I decided to wait until Mojavi 3 was release before I started work on a new version of MojaviBuilder.

Well, time passed and there was no sign that Mojavi 3 was going to be released any time soon. Then, in February 2005, a team of Mojavi users decided they’d had enough of waiting and forked Mojavi to create new open-source framework Agavi.

At this time I was unsure as to how things were going to pan out, so once again I put further development of MojaviBuilder on hold, at least until the dust had settled over the forking of Agavi. Shortly after the forking I noticed that the Agavi team had created a set of commandline scritps that effectively did the same work as MojaviBuilder which pointed me towards the fact that MojaviBuilder would not be required for Agavi. Now it seems that the Agavi team is using Phing for doing the same work that MojaviBuilder was created for.

It also now appears that illusina has branched his own version of Mojavi 3 and I’m sure I read somewhere that Mojavi and Agavi might (through ilusina’s branch i guess) be merged back together. If this is the case then I am sure that the Phing tools will be brought through to Mojavi, therefore rendering MojaviBuilder obselete.

So there you have it. A breif overview of what has been happening in the world of Mojavi development and why I’m not currently planning on releasing a new version of MojaviBuilder.

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