Nov 04 2005

Don’t Expose Implementation In Title

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I know its a little late in the day but Damien and I have been having a bit of a rant about what the title should say about a product/event. The reason this came about is because I was saying that the TennerFest website is down at the moment becaues I’m trying to find somewhere to go out to this evening.

So what do I mean? Well, the title of the event is TennerFest because when it started serveral years ago the idea was that you could go to any participating restaurant in the Channel Islands and have a meal for £10 (a tenner). As time has gone by, however, more and more restaurants are offering meals for £12.50 or £15. The title of the event suggests all restaurants implementing the event will do so for a tenner…. the implementation is eposed in the title. However this is not the case and therefore the title is miss-leading.

They really should have chosen a better title which would allow more freedom of implementation for the participants such as:

  • FoodFest
  • FeastFest
  • StuffYourselfFest

Damien has more on the Exposing Implementation subject, so keep an eye on his blog.

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