Jan 11 2006

Phishing Attempt

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I got an email this monring from PayPal saying that my account was suspended due to “suspicious activity” and that I needed to login to re-activate my account.  Luckily the email provided a link to the login page so I didn’t have to type it into my browser.

Yes, alight, I know what you’re thinking.  Yes I did already see though this blatant lie to the fact that it is nothing more than a phishing attempt.

I thought I’d visit the site anyway just to see how good they’d managed to make it.  In the past I have seen phishing sites that made a meticulous copy of the original PayPal login page and have made all the links point to the correct PayPal.com pages, the only difference being that the destination page for the login form is on the fake site.

The site that I got sent to however was an abomination.  The tabs at the top weren’t links.  The links that were actual links only point back to the same page.  This really was a half baked attempt, and if anyone falls for this phishing they deserve to have their PayPal account compromised.

If you want to see what a bad phishing site looks like, head over to:

Warning: It is a phishing site so please don’t try to log in.

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