Jan 16 2006

New Part For The Bandit

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This weekend I finally got around getting some new brake discs, as I’ve had bent discs since my accident in Norway, and fitting my jack-up kit on my Suzuki Bandit 600. Thanks to Dave and his tool kit everything went (mostly) smoothly.

The replacement of the brake discs process went something like this:

  • Put bike on centre stand
  • Put sand bag on pillion seat (to raise front wheel off the ground)
  • Put a car jack under the bottom of the header pipes (sand bag wasn’t heavy enough)
  • Remove front calipers
  • Remove front wheel
  • Remove old discs
  • Fit new discs
  • Remove old brake pads
  • Grease & fit new brake pads
  • Refit wheel
  • Refit calipers
  • Remove car jack

Apart from it being a bit awkward trying to get the front wheel and spacers to line-up with the forks when putting the wheel back together everything went as smootly as you could imagine. An hour from start to finish (I had plenty of time and didn’t want to rush things) and once again I had front brakes that actually work.

The jack-up kit was a bit more interesting. Whilst it is theoretically more simple that replacing the brake discs it took just as long. The process should have been something along the lines of:

  • Undo & remove lower rear height adjuster bolt
  • Undo & remove upper rear height adjuster bolt
  • Replace rear height adjusters with new ones
  • Re-fit upper rear height adjuster bolt
  • Re-fit lower rear height adjuster bolt

Well, thats the theory. In practice things went a little differently. The lower bolts came out without too much trouble but the upper bolt was more difficult. Part of the problem was that I have got a rear-hugger fitted on the bike and, as I couldn’t be bothered with removing it, this meant that access to the upper bolt was greatly reduced. After much effort and a slightly rounded nut the top bolt finally came free.

Fitting the new adjuster bars would have been plain sailing only the holes for the bolts were slightly on the small side so the bolts couldn’teasily be pushed through by hand. Not to worry, enter Dave and his big hammer! The result is that the bolts are re-fitted and the back end of my bike is now sitting about 3cm higher than it was on Saturday.

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