Mar 29 2006

Guernsey Digimap in Google Earth

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I noticed today, whilst looking for a detailed map of Guernsey, that Guernsey Digimap has released a kmz file for Google Earth that provides higher resolution aerial images of Guernsey than what are normal available through Google Earth.

Layer contains 10m, 3m, 50cm and 10cm per pixel images that are centered around the Digimap Ltd offices. However, ‘m not really satisfied with only having high res images of the Digimap offices, I want high res images of where I live and where I work (and the rest of the island in time). I also found that it is possible to search for high res images on the Digimap website. Admitedly the high res images have got a big copyright logo in the middle of the unless you pay for the image but its better than nothing.

So I have combined the two, I took the base kmz file provided by Digimap and I have added my own selected images from the Digimap photo search site. I have uploaded the resulting kmz file to my website for others to use.

Note to Digimap: I haven’t copied the images, so don’t bother accusing my of breach of copyright.

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