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May 17 2006

FAlbum 0.6.5 Lightbox Mashup

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I just noticed today that a new version of FAlbum was released on 6th May 2006. There has also been an upgrade of LightboxJs, taking it up to version 2.0.2.

I was in two minds as to whether or not to update my mashup but decided that as I want to upgrade my website I may as well release a new version of the mashup. Whilst I am still providing a download of both the diff files and the complete FAlbum plugin, I have made a change the mashup. Rather than including the LightboxJS scripts in the mashup I instead rely on the user have the WP LightboxJS script installed in their wordpress system.

I have taken this approach for the following reasons:

  1. So that users that already have the plugin installed don’t have to have two copies of LightboxJS in their blog.
  2. Users will be upgrade to future versions of the WP LightboxJS plugin without needing to upgrade their FAlbum plugin.

I have also decided to not include the WP LightboxJS plugin within my downloads so I do not wish to tie users to a particular version of the WP LightboxJS plugin, after all it’s easy enough to download and install it.

I am also hoping that I will be able to release a style for FAlbum that does the same as this mashup but without changing any of the core file of FAlbum… watch this space.

The installation instruction are included within README.Mashup.txt which is in the download files. You can download the 0.6.5 version files from my download page.

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May 12 2006

Simple Guide To HDR

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What Is HDR

In computer graphics and cinematography, high dynamic range imaging (HDRI for short) is a set of techniques that allow a far greater dynamic range of exposures than normal digital imaging techniques. The intention is to accurately represent the wide range of intensity levels found in real scenes, ranging from direct sunlight to the deepest shadows. From: Wikipedia

HDR images are generated by taking multiple pictures of the same scene at different exposure settings and combining them digitally on a computer. Generally, the more pictures that are taken at different exposure settings the better the resulting HDR image will be.

Required Equipment

The very basic requirements for producing HDR images are a digital camera and a computer (which I’ll discuss later). However, it is strongly advisable to get a good tripod, the sturdier the better.

The Camera Surprising as it may seem all of my HDR images have been produced from pictures taken on a Canon IXUS500 digital compact camera. So long as a digital camera has exposure compensation it is suitable for producing HDR images. The list below is a random selection of cameras I found on that all support exposure compensation:

  • Sony DSC-S90 Cyber-shot £128.07 inc vat
  • Samsung Digimax V700 Red £194.27 inc vat
  • Casio Exilim Pro EX-P600 £275.98 inc vat
  • Canon Powershot S70 £239.35 inc vat
  • Samsung Digimax V700 Silver £187.81 inc vat

The Tripod One of the most import issues when taking pictures for a HDR image is that the camera must not move between shots. To reduce camera movement a good quality tripod should be used. However, when purchasing a tripod you should consider the camera the it will be used for. For example, I wouldn’t go out and purchase a £150 Benbo tripod for a compact camera and like-wise, you shouldn’t use a cheap compact camera tripod for digital SLR. I’ve personally gone with a Jessops Tripod 315 at £18.99 (inc VAT), it’s probably not the best tripod for compact cameras but it does the job I require just fine.

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May 04 2006

A Guesture of Good Will

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Once again I have had to remove a page from my website. This time it seems that a certain person thinks I have a grudge against them and the fact that my page came up as the third hit on Google was detrimental to their professional status. The page itself was simply reporting an event as I witnessed it and I have no personal control over the way in which Google sorts search results.

To show that I have no personal vendetta against this person I have remove the page, although the Google result will still show up and there will still be a cached version on Google and probably a copy in the web archive… that is beyond my control.

Should the person in question like to offer a thank you for my efforts to remove the post and should they wish to sit down and discuss their technical abilities I would be more than willing to (for a beer). But from this point on I consider the matter of my former post over and the hatchet buried.

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May 02 2006

A brighter future for

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I’m not sure what effect this is going to have on customer service, but it seems that has been bought by BT. The move has been anounced by BT as an attempt to advance their position in the retail sector.

One of the problems that customers currently face with, when they have support issues, is find a eral person to talk to. Several years ago announced they were to drop telephone customer support in favour of email support. This has lead for many customers to days, weeks even months of delays in try to get a refund or a replacement for a defective product.

The website has recently had a face lift which saw the addition of several useful tools for finding the product you require. also seems to consitently offer the best prices and, when they get their act together, delivery is generally quite quick.

If, under BTs management, the customer support can be vastly improved I may even be tempted to shop at again.

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