Jun 01 2006

Fold.com shutdown

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It would appear that Fold.com, which was an AJAX/DHTML web hokmepage has been shutdown. This came a quite a supprise to me as I normally use the fold beta as my own homepage. This morning I was greeted with adverts from one of the crappy domain grabbing companies.

Upon visiting the Fold blog I saw that this wasn’t a domain hijacking but that the developer of Fold had actually decided to pack things in for the time being. The last post on the blog basically states that the developer is currently working on other projects.

I guess that it must have been quite difficult trying to support a beta web app that has been visited by 200,000 visitors in 2 months, I am rather supprised and disappointed though that the beta site wasn’t left online, now I’ll have to find another Web 2.0 homepage to use. I shall however be keeping an eye on the fold blog in case there are any further developments.

I will continue to leave my foldlets at fold.gringod.com for the time being as I believe they can be used in other web 2.0 homepage apps. You never know, I might even get around to developing other widgets.

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