Jun 06 2006

Fold Has Completely Folded

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It would appear that the Fold developer has tried to remove all trace of Folds existance. Not only has the Fold.com domain been cleared of reference to the Fold Web 2.0 app, but the Foldblog has also been removed from Blogspot.

I have just tried sending an email to what I hope is one of Alex Wolfs email addresses about what he has planned for the future of Fold, so lets just wait and see what I get in response.


I just got an email back from Alex Wolf:

Hi Adrian,

thanks for your interest in Fold. I’m currenly busy working on
another project that takes up all my time so Fold is deactivated at
the moment.

Anyway, I had quite a few people inquiring about Fold so here you go:

The Fold code, consisting of:

a.) Client-side JavaScript
b.) Server-side Ruby and Ruby-On-Rails code
c.) Source code (Flash 8) for the previoulsy released Foldlets

can be licensed under the following terms:

a.) Unlimited, unrestricted use; non-transferable and non-exclusive

In plain english: You can use it as you wish (i.e. modify it) but you
can’t resell it. I’m free to sell it to other people, continue
development or what ever.

One-time fee: EUR 150,000

b.) Unlimited, unrestricted use; transferable and exclusive

In plain english: It’s yours, you can do with it what you want. I’m out.

One-time fee: EUR 1,000,000

NOTE: Source code is provided on an as-is basis. I won’t be available
for bug-fixes, extensive support or continuous development. I can
provide installation / setup support to a degree (no travel).

System requirements to run Fold on your servers: You need at least
one stand-alone server (no shared hosting) with Ruby 1.8.2 or higher,
Rails (latest version), MySQL 4.0, Lighttpd, SSH access. A write-up
to facilitate installation will be provided.

The underlying code supports distributing the system on several
servers; e.g. the initial Fold setup consisted of two application and
one DB server and could easily handle the Digg-effect with 30,000
visitors in 12 hours.

Note, that this does not include the domain Fold.com. If you are
interested in the domain you can bid for it on Sedo.com:


In line with recent sales of comparable domains the expected selling-
price is around or above the EUR 100,000 mark.

Regards, Axel Wolf

Ok, this is good news I guesss. Fold hasn’t been completely binned. It is possible to revive it (including the domain), however to make it worthwhile you’d need the transferable license and the domain name… making the total cost 1,100,000 Euros, or £750,000.

I’ll be the first to addmit that the Fold homepage was a really nice system to use but I could never really justify spending that kind of money on a basic Web 2.0 homepage system like Fold. It still needed a lot of working to be done on it and that price doesn’t include any support from the developer, so you’d basically be left on your own to figure out how to extend and develop the system.

Quite how anyone could justify spending that sort of money on Fold is beyond me, and anyone that does is a fool! (No offense to Alex)

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