Aug 21 2006

Ringing Round-up

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I realised today that I haven’t posted much about bell ringing recently, which is one thing that II promised myself I would do when I started. So, seeing as I passed another milestone in my progress yesterday I thought I’d but post an update.

My last post was about my first quarter peal of Bob Doubles which was back in January. It seems that I have progessed quite a bit since then. I’m not sure about the dates (I need to check up in the tower records and make a note of it) but I’ve rung a quarter peal of Bob Doubles on the trebble (just plain hunting), I’ve also rung a quarter peal of Plain Bob Major on the trebble (also plain hunting) which was also only the third occasion that I’d tried ringing Plain Bob Major on the treble, which was kind of a shock for me but I managed to make it through somehow.

So yesterday was the first time that I rang a quarter peal of Plain Bob Doubles on the 2 (inside). I have previously been very nervous, and therefore made mistakes, when doing Bobs however yesterday it all seemed to come together. I did have a couple of slight hiccups along the way, and towards the end I was finding it difficult to consentrate on what work I had just done and what I should be doing next. Whilst we were ringing I felt that I could have rung it a little quicker but as it turns out we finished in 42 minutes which, apparently, is quite quick for a 21cwt tenor.

I’ve also had a go at Plain Bob Triples last Friday at St Peters. It wasn’t anywhere near as hard as I thought it was going to be and, appart from missing all the dodges, I managed to keep my place through two courses which most people seemed to be quite impressed with.

I’m also going to taken the opportunity to post a link to Fortran Friends. They have very kindly posted some ringing diagrams on their site which I have found to be very useful. Each ony only takes a side of A4 paper when printed, but contains all the information you need to ring the method such as the order of work, where you pass the treble, blue line diagrams for each start and what you do when a bob/single is called. Unfortunately they’ve only produced them for six methods, luckily they’re the methods I’ll be learning next:

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