Nov 01 2006

New Version of Monaco Font

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I’ve recently been sent newer version of the Monaco font and so I decided to put it on-line. The version number of the previous font I hosted was 2.0 but this new version is 5.1d1e1. I’m not sure how the new version differs but I’m told its from a new Mac Book Pro.

I’ve also noticed on several forums that people have said that the version I’m hosting isn’t quite the same as the version on the Macs. This, I believe is because the Mac version of the font contains more information about how the font should behave than is contained in the standard True Type Font. That said, this is as close as you;re going to get to the original Apple Monaco font.

Update: Several people have commented that the above version of Monaco does not render correctly on Linux. Thankfully, someone has sent me a copy which does render on Linux, however, it does not render correctly under Windows. You can now download the Linux version. Windows user should continue to use the version about.

Please note that this font is provided as is. I have not tested the font myself, I am merely providing it to you as it was sent to me.


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