Nov 17 2006

A Trip Down Memory Lane

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Following on from my Google Earth plot of my never to have been last day in Norway, I have embarked on a project to plot my actual journey home through Norway.  So far its take about 5 hours spread over three evenings and I’ve got as far as Stryn – the town I stayed in the night before my crash.

Just as I was sitting down last night a thought occured to me… why didn’t I use the route finding capabilities of Google Earth rather than manually plotting the line from corner to corner to corner.  My reasoning for carrying on at that point in time was because I come so far I may as well continue.  However, as I plotted more of the route I realised why I should plot it rather than use the route finder, as I was plotting I was taken back to my time in Norway.  I remembered going round particularly sharp corners, and places I had to stop on narrow roads because the coaches sure as hell weren’t going to stop, and high passes which were stunningly beautiful but all I could think at the time was “i-i-i-itssss f-f-f-fuuuck-k-king fr-fr-fr-freeeezing!!!!!”.

Whilst I have wanted to go back to Norway and finish the job properly simply because I was hacked off by the crash, I now want to go back and do it because I remember now how stunningly beautiful the place is.

Thank you Google Earth!

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