Dec 04 2006

Grandsire Doubles: Check

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Yesterday I finally got around to ringing my first Grandsire Doubles quarter peal inside.  I should have done it before but I’ve been having problems with balance recently and don’t think I could have stop up for that long whilst turning my head left and right the whole time.

If I remember correctly there was only a couple of minor hickups, one of which included me forgetting I was in the hunt and another where I forgot whether I was double dodging up or down when a bob was called.  At the beginning I was also unsure as to where I should be ringing when I was at the back a a bob or single was called but I soon got then ironed out.

I think the best piece of advice I could give to someone getting ready for their first Grandsire quarter is “watch the trebble”.  If its the last bell you ring over before leading, or the first bell you ring over when you get to the back you are in the hunt.

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