Dec 18 2006

Still No New Guernsey Imagery

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Google has had yet another round of updating the satellite and aerial imagery used in its Google Eather desktop mapping application.  Whilst its always good to see newer and higher resolution images appearing, it is also disappointing to see that there is still no high resolution or cloud free images for Guernsey.

Whilst most people playing with Google Earth in Guernsey will be anoyed by this lack of clear images, I believe I have just cause to be more disappointed than most.  This is because I feel I have been lied to.  Back in July (I think) I had a meeting with a couple of guys from Digimap Guernsey.  One of the points that came up in the meeting was that I wanted to use better images in Google Earth (as Digimap had temporarily provided in the past).  I was informed that Digimap had been in contact with Google regarding imaging but that the response from Google was that Google already had higher resolution images for Guernsey.

Well, its been five months and still no new images.  I’ve tried contacting Google but haven’t had a response.  The Digimap people said they’d try and supply me with some images to use in my own Google Earth layers but that hasn’t happened.  I feel like my plans for bringing mapping of Guernsey to the masses is slowly being strangled from all sides.

I don’t suppose anyones got a plane they can take me up in to get some of my own aerial photographs?

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