Jan 07 2007

IXUS500 Shooting Mode Repair

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Back cover screw locationsI recent wanted to use my Canon Ixus500 to shoot a video of a Lego Mindstorm NXT robot I built.  When I came to use the camera, however, I couldn’t get the camera to go into video mode, or panoramic or manual mode.  It seemed to be stuck in idiot mode.

The camera is about four years old now, so is well out of warranty.  What do you do with an out of warranty broken camera?  Take it appart and hack about until it works again.   I noticed that it was possible to get the camera to go into video mode by turning the shooting mode switch to video and pressing the button, so that gave me a starting place for my investigation.

The camera screwsThe back was fairly easy to take off as it was only held on by six screws.  If you going to try this make sure you remember where you remove the screws from as they different sizes and putting them back in the wrong place probably wont work out to well.  I’ve included a picture of the screws laid out as they are located on the camera.

Troublesome contact partsOnce the back of the camera is removed I quickly located the problem.  One the back of the shooting mode dial are some little pieces of metal that make a contact with the circuit inside the camera.  After four years of use they have been pushed away from the circuit.  All I had to do was very carefully bend them back in towards the body of the camera so they make a good contant with the circuit,

I put the camera back together and amazingly (for me) it now works perfectly.  Unfortunatly there is now no need for me to get a new camera other than because I want one.  Now, how much was that EOS 20D on eBay?

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