Jan 18 2007

Too… Much…. Culture!

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Well, thats what a certain person close to me thinks I think.  Last Saturday I went to a piano receital at the Guernsey Ladies College.  It was the inaugural concert on the schools new grand piano, and the performing artist was Olga Bobrovnikova who really is a master pianist, especially when you consider she also suffers from MS.  Piano receitals really aren’t my normal cup of tea but it was good and got me thinking that I really should get out and experience more culture on this island.

My second taste of culture this week was going to see Oddsocks performing Shakespears Twelth Night.  I have been to see the Oddsocks company performing at Castle Cornet in the past but this was the first time I have seen them inside, at St James.  Whilst it was a very good performance with their usual apparent improvisation, and had me laughing most of the way through, I felt that they were maybe sticking too closely to the original text and at times this seemed to immede on the performance.  At other times however it seemed to aid the performance, so I guess it is down to the director to try and find a balance that is both in keeping with the companies style whilst also retaining as much of the original text as possible…. something that films makers don’t seem too concerned with!

Unless something else crops up in the mean time, my next taste of culture (if you can call it that) will be watching An Inconvenient Truth, which is going to be screened for free at Beau Sejour on the 6th February.

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