Feb 10 2007

Broken Downloads Now Fixed

Published by at 1:05 pm under Site Work

This is an old article and the information contained within it may be out of date, not reflect my current views and/or contain broken links. If you feel this article is still valid and requires updating, you can use the contact form to let me know. However, I make no guarantee that it will get updated.

I’d like to apologise to everyone that has tried to download files from this site recent and ended up getting a corrupted file. This has now been fixed.

I had no idea it was broken until a couple of people comment on one of my posts. It could have been broken just a day, or possibly much long – even as long ago as when I switched over to PHP5.

If you have downloaded a corrupt file please try again, and if it still isn’t working please let me know… I can test everything on the site and so rely on visitors to let me know when they find something that is broken.

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