Feb 13 2007

Flashing A SE K750i

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I have finally been able to upgrade the software on my K750i. The reason I need to upgrade was that over the weekend I wrote my first Java application for mobiles and I wanted to test it on my phone, the only problem being that the USB transfer of the old photo software was very buggy.

Try as I might I could not flash the phone over the weekend from inside Parallels on my MacBook Pro. I think that some information just wasn’t making it through the Parallels layer to get to the Update Service software. I figured this was a problem as I could do it when I got to work on Monday.

Nope, I was wrong. It seems that despite following all the instruction to the letter, sending a support request to Sony Ericsson and following the instructions in the response I was still unable to got the software to work. It kept giving me an error about require software versions not found. In the end I did a little digging around and found, in a configuration file, a reference to Emma III, which appears to be the SE and partners update service. If you try and download the Emma Install Pack you wont be able to do much with it as it requires a username and password to run it. I did however download the Emma System Analyse software which (by pure luck) I was able to run against the Update Service software to confirm that the update service had everything it required.

Finally I want back to the Update Service directory and tried running every application that was in there. The last program I tried was ma3platform.exe and this is where I struck gold! Immediately it started complaining about msstyle and Anthracite (the desktop theme I was running). So it seemed that it was the windows theme that was causing all the problems.

A quick change to the desktop theme to set it back to the default XP theme and I was up and running. The Update Service ran like a dream and I now have the latest software version on my phone.

If you want to check what version software you have on your Sony Ericsson phone you need to do the following from the standby screen (no menus or applications open):

right, *, left, left, *, left, *.
Go to service info, software info, the first line of the info is the firmware ver.

One thing that did intrigue me about the Update Service is that ma3platform.exe seems to be the same as the Emma III software and requires a username and password, this must be stored in the Update Service software on the local machine.  Would this same username and password work in the Emma II software?  Does the Emma III software provide any more functionality to the Update Service software?  I guess there's only one way to find out ;)

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