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Mar 21 2007

Why I Want To Make Love To My Mac

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I’m sure that anyone that knows me knows how much I love my Mac. Since I bought it in January we have become inseparable, it’s like I’ve grown another limb.

One of the best things about the Mac is that everything just works. Seriously! I thought it was going to be hard making the switch from Windows to Mac OS X but it hasn’t been. In fact it took only five minutes for me to be converted. Obviously, as with any computer system there are problems but because of its beauty and simplicity I can forgive it.

Every day I’m being amazed and what I can do with my Mac and I have finally started my adventures in the world of AppleScript. The other day on the Make: blog they featured a Mac utility called Proximity that detects when a bluetooth device it is paired with comes into, or leaves, detection range. On each event an AppleScript can be run to do what ever you wish.

I’ve taken the scripts that the article linked from Make: provided. When you move out of range the computer gets locked and when you move back in range the computer is unlocked, the device gets synced with iSync and then it gets paired with AddressBook.

It was whilst I was setting this up that I learnt about some of the features of AddressBook. When it is paired with a mobile phone, it is possible to initial a call or send an sms from within AddressBook, also when a call or sms is received by the mobile a notification window is opened.

As with anything there were teething problems, the worst of which was getting AddressBook to make/receive calls/sms’ but thats all sorted out now.

If you want to have the same setup you need to follow these instructions:

Download & install Proximity
Create the entering & leaving range scripts
Compile the notif application
Make sure AddressBook can talk to your mobile (SE K750i)

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Mar 01 2007

RFID Experiment Kit

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Being the geeky-programmer type that I am (no, I’m not a goth or an emo!) I’m always interested when the secrets of the few becomes the technology of the masses. Today I almost wet my pants when I opened the Make: blog feed in Google Reader and saw a USB RFID reader.

Depending on who you ask, RFID technology is either the “Mark of the Beast”, or a global panacea destined to rescue the grocery stores and Walmarts of the world from shoplifting. But any good geek knows that RFID is nothing more than tiny microchips powered by RF induction that store and broadcast a small bit of data. Want to learn more? Rather than rip apart your passport you can pick up this nifty RFID Experimentation Kit with over a dozen types of RFID tags, a USB based RFID reader and instructions for tons of insidious RFID projects. You even get a cool bio-implantable type of RFID Tag which you should never ever load into a blowgun and implant in any of your coworkers because it’s not surgically sterilized.

It only £50 and I want one! If anyone has heard my ideas about a proximity reminders will know what my first project would be. If anyone is stuck about what to get me for my birthday, or even just as a random gift, then get me one of these. I will be your friend forever!

Now, if only they did a bluetooth version :D

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