Apr 26 2007

Moo MiniCards

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A while back I found out about Moo and their MiniCards. What Moo does is allows you to take your pictures from Flickr, Bebo, SecondLife, etc. and have them printed as mini business cards. Once you’ve selected your images (between 1 and 100) you can specify what details you have printed on the back.
I’ve been thinking about getting some for a while, mainly for Encaptured.com, but have been unsure whether they’re worth the money. Finally, however, I decided to bite the bullet and get some, as I’d just uploaded some good pictures to Flickr. I figured it was not big deal if they turned out rubbish as they were only £13 (inc. postage).

Well, they arrived today and I must say I’m very impressed with them. The quality is perfect and, although they’re a little smaller than I expected, they feel right. This set have got my personal contact details on but I think I’ll order another set with the Encaptured.com details.

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