May 15 2007

The IT Crowd Series 2

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Apparently filming has now finished on series 2 of The IT Crowd. If this series is anything like the first one it is going to be funny as hell and I wont be missing a single episode. The is no news yet as to when it is going to be broadcast but I’m guess it’s likely to start in the autumn season, so Septemberish.

I had a look at the gallery on the Channel 4 site and it appears that the set has changed from the first series. The first series was a dingy basement with a definite 80s feel about it. The new one looks light and airy and there appears to be a lot less clutter. Mind you, what the set looks like in photos and how it appears on TV may be completely different.

I just hope its not going to be on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday night otherwise I’m going to have to invest in a DVD or HDD recorder… well, thats not such a bad thing, it’s about time I got one anyway.

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