May 31 2007

Cleaning A Mighty Mouse

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Shortly after getting my MacBook Pro I invested in a bluetooth Apple keyboard and Mighty Mouse for use at work.

The keyboard I wanted simply because it looks good but I was a bit uncertain about the Mighty Mouse when I bought it as it looks so unlike any other moue I’ve used before, it doesn’t have any discernible buttons, it’s got a funny grey pad thing on either side and a tiny wheel on top instead of a scroll wheel.

It took a while to get used to the different shape, by that I mean a day or two, but now I find the old traditional mice really clumsy. I’ve also got used to the squeezing the side buttons and use them so much that I find myself trying to squeeze normal mice. I’ve also got used to the little roller ball on top for scrolling side to side and all around, I can’t understand how people cope with a wheel that just scrolls up and down.

However, I do have a few annoyances with the Mighty Mouse. Every so often – about once a day – it decides that it’s not going like right clicks, or will only accept right clicks from a tiny spot on the mouse. The best way I have found to deal with this is to switch the mouse off and on again. I’ve found that the days I remember to switch the mouse off over night it seems to work fine for the rest of the following day. I guess I need to get myself into the habit of switching it off.

I’ve also had an issue with the mouse recently whereby it didn’t like scrolling up, then it started working again but a few days later it didn’t like scrolling down. I quick search on the web suggested that the ball mechanism may have dirt in it. Apple recommends turning your mouse upside down and rubbing the ball vigorously with a clean cloth – they even provide a video demonstration. I tried this using my Screensavrz from Radtech, this worked a treat. I now give my Mighty Mouse a vigorous rub at least once a week to keep it clean and free from dirt.

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