Jun 22 2007

My Photos Have Interestingness

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The other night I was on a bit of a downer and so decided that I’d indulge myself in one of my favourite pastimes. No, not bell-ringing or sailing…. photography! It was evening, almost clear skys and a breeze coming in from the south-west, so where better to start than Vazon to see if I could capture some surfers in action.

Although there were a fair few surfers in the water, there wasn’t much in the way of waves. Instead of giving up I decided to have a go at some more “arty” shots. With the water just coming up to the bottom of the wall I decided to have a go at taking pictures of the groynes at the base of the wall. My fist 20 shots were ok but nothing special. What I really wanted to a long exposure to blur the water, so I tried shutting down the aperture and added a neutral density filter… and then another neutral density filter… and the a graduated sunset filter… and finally a polarising filter. Finally I managed to get a six second exposure which was just enough to blur the water.

As well as uploading the final photos to Encaptured.com, a stock photo site that I run with Shane Marriott, I also uploaded low res copies to Flickr. Quite amazingly I my photo managed to make it onto Flickrs “interestingness” list for the day. Whether it is there forever I don’t know but I hope it is.

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